Dragon Food Festival at Inzia Restaurant at Sheraton Bengaluru

This Thursday, a few of us bloggers got to sample the menu created by Jr Sous Chef Shishir Rai as part of the Dragon Food Festival at Sheraton Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre.

Chef de Cusine Rungtiwa Sorlae and Chef Shishir Rai, gave us a preview of the menu served at InAzia as part of the on-going Dragon Food Festival. The festival is on till the 30th September, 2018 and will showcase the menu specially curated by Chef Shishir Rai.

The menu has a good spread for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Here is a sample of what we had during the meet: ( I have mentioned only the vegetarian side of the menu )

Dim Sum

Vegetables Sichuan Style Pan fried Dimsum – These pan fried dimsums were stuffed with celery, carrot and asparagus and they were seasoned with garlic oil. I loved these, they had the right blend of spice and were perfectly seared.

Assorted Mushrooms Truffle Blast – A melange of honshimeji enokitake and shitake mushrooms.

Small Bite

Wok tossed Tofu Sichuan Style – Here the silken tofu was marinated, fried and then tossed in Sichuan chilli paste. Give me tofu and I am a very happy person. These were silken tofu, which were crispy on the outside and beautifully soft on the inside.


Cucumber and Cilantro Soup – A thick, shredded cucumber and cilantro soup. This soup was a little underwhelming and bland on a night where each dish was bursting with flavour.

Main Course

Tofu Asparagus and Water Chestnut Malak Paste – A side dish with silken tofu, asparagus, water chestnut and green onion with sesame and chilli paste. Another beautifully made tofu dish. The tofu was simply melt in the mouth.

Rice and Noodles

Traditional Moon Faan (Veg) – 5 spices flavored steamed rice topped with sesame flavored soy sauce

Dry Cooked Hoo Fun Noodles Vegetable – Napa cabbage and sweet pepper rice with flat rice noodles, bean sprouts. This dish was flavoured with sesame oil and seasoned with fermented bean sauce.


Chilled mango Pudding – Though I loved the cream and fresh mangoes (yumm!!), I felt this chilled jelly pudding had a tad bit more of agar agar.

A big thanks to Melvin and Saravanan for having us.

Details on the Dragon Food Festival @ InAzia

Date: 19th – 30th September 2018

Time: 07:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Venue: InAzia, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center