7 Lunch Menus for Two

You are planning to have lunch with your loved one, and it doesn’t matter if it is your first date at home or you have been together for a long time and celebrate something. In any case, everything should be beautiful, elegant, exciting, and, at the same time, very tasty. So, what to cook for lunch for two?

Some Important Rules

If you have found the one among single babes and now want to arrange lunch for two at home, use some simple tips and tricks that will help keep an exciting atmosphere.

  • Adjust to the desired atmosphere. Arrange a beautiful romantic lunch and create the right mood using music. Find 15–20 romantic, calm melodies and songs. 
  • Food shouldn’t be heavy. It shouldn’t just fill the stomach. It should amaze with an appetizing look and exquisite taste, tease with a smell, and give pleasure.
  • For a romantic lunch, aphrodisiacs are mandatory. It can be cinnamon, vanilla, and jasmine. The aphrodisiacs in the products will help you tune in the right way, but some of them (for example, garlic and ginger) don’t fit lunch very well. 
  • Don’t forget about the fun. Lunches should be fun and enjoyable for both of you. 
  • Don’t overdo it. You don’t need to cook five dishes for every lunch and eat with a complete set of forks and knives. The main thing is to have a good time with your loved one.
  • It is important to cook proven meals. And if you want to try something new, practice in advance so as not to make mistakes at a crucial moment.
  • Also, choose the right alcohol. The most romantic drink is wine. Red wine is best for meat dishes, and white wine is for shrimp, fish, and light salads. You can also prepare delicious cocktails.

7 Best Recipes for a Romantic Lunch

You definitely need to have a romantic lunch together. If you have never arranged such surprises for your soulmate, now is the time to think about it and choose something from the list:

1. Chicken piccata

It is a quick butter sauce with lemon and a pinch of fresh parsley that turns simple chicken chops into a wonderful lunch for two. And it only takes half an hour to prepare!

2. Tibone steak in a pan 

A good steak doesn’t require many ingredients to become a great lunch. Lightly grease the steak with oil and season generously with salt and pepper, and then fry in a cast-iron skillet.

3. Grilled mahi-mahi with moho sauce 

Fish is cooked very quickly. It is perfect when you don’t have much free time. What’s even better, it is served with a simple sauce, with which your quick home-made dish is not inferior to a restaurant one.

4. Baked chicken with mushrooms, onions, and rosemary 

Serve it with your favorite porridge or fried green beans, and this recipe will be one of the favorite dishes in your menu for a romantic lunch!

5. Pasta al Pomodoro for two 

You will be surprised how delicious this quick and uncomplicated pasta is. The secret is in the special ingredients: sweet Italian tomatoes San Marzano, hot red pepper, and thinly sliced ​​fresh fragrant basil.

6. Pappardelle pasta with pork stew 

The secret ingredient in this dish is thyme. When slowly stewed in tomato sauce, pork is saturated with a deep rich taste. You can serve it with pappardelle pasta, but cavatelli pasta will also be a great choice.

7. Pasta alle vongole 

If you are afraid to cook seafood, try this recipe. It is not difficult to make this classic dish at home, and it will definitely impress your soulmate. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the shells of the mollusks from the sand before cooking.

An excellent lunch will leave only positive emotions, and romance will allow you to establish an emotional connection.