Palak Thalipeeth | Multigrain flour and spinach flat bread

Palak Thalipeeth, a multigrain flour flat bread from Maharashtra. Eat it with curd or sweet pickle and be sure to be amazed.

Tea With pakoras? or samosas, now is the time to try out a new snack in town. A traditional snack all the way from Maharashtra. Thalipeeth, is a flat bread made form various flours such a jowar, bajra, atta or rice flour.

This month, us bloggers from  Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge traveled to land of Bollywood and Chatrapati Shivaji, Maharashtra. I was paired with Sujata Roy from   “Batter Up with Sujata”. She gave me ginger and turmeric as my secret ingredients and with that i came up with Palak Thalipeeth.

Thalipeeth, a Maharashtrian flat bread is made from various flours such as jowar, bajra, rice and whole wheat flour. The different flours used in this recipe make it highly nutritious in calcium, phosporous, protein, minerals etc.

What goes to into making a Palak Thalipeeth

Multigrain flour is the main ingredient in making thalipeeth, so let see why  these flours and some other ingredients make this flat bead so nutritious:

Jowar flour: Made from jowar / sorghum, this flour is loaded with essential vitamins, anti-oxidants, zinc etc.

Bajra flour: This flour apart from being a great gluten free option, also is rich in proteins and fiber

Rice flour: an excellent substitute for gluten free recipes, it is also helpful in helping people who might not be able to digest wheat

Besan / Gram flour: Gram flour / chick peas flour is also a source of protein and vitamins

Palak / Spinach: Palak is known to contain vitamins and iron.

Masalas:  well Indian spices / masalas just bring life to all the recipes ?

How to make Palak Thalipeeth

Once all the ingredients are collected as per the recipe. A firm dough is made and set aside in a bowl to rest for atleast 30 minutes. After that the magic begins!!!

  • Take two sheets of butter paper / parchment papaer (A4 size )
  • Take a ball of the dough (cricket ball size) and place it on the oiled parchment paper
  • Cover with the other sheet and slowly use your fingers to spread it out
  • Remove the top sheet, gently turn over the flat bread directly on the oiled tawa or on your hand before placing it on the hot tawa.
  • Cook on both sides with a little oil.

I had a great time making this recipe..i hope you like it to.


  1. In a large bowl, bring together all dry and wet ingredients
  2. Slowly add water to the bowl and bring all the ingredients to form a firm dough
  3. Cover the bowl with firm dough with a plate / cloth and set aside for 20 minutes
  4. Take 2 sheets of parchment paper, oil them and set aside
  5. After 20 minutes, form balls of the dough (cricket ball size)
  6. Place the ball on the oiled sheet and softly press it
  7. Place the other sheet on top of the dough and press the dough slowy to flatten it
  8. Flatten it till it is 2.5 – 3 times bigger than what the dough started out initially
  9. Remove the top sheet and transfer the thalipeeth on the tawa (either directly on the tawa or transfer to hand first and then transfer to the hot tawa)
  10. Make 4 – 5 holes while the thalipeeth is on the tawa
  11. Add oil to the holes ( this helps in evenly cooking the thalippeth)
  12. Cook on both sides on medium flame to get even colouring.
  13. Repeat the process till all the dough becomes a thalipeeth ?
  14. Serve hot with some pickle, curd and here we also some chickpea salad