Reasons you feel bored in relationships

Why do people feel bored in relationships? How do you prevent the connection from wilting away? Together with, we decided to debunk some myths about relationship boredom. 

On the contrary to public opinion, it is completely okay to experience a stalemate in the connection. The longer you stay in tandem, the more problems you will have. These are all the main reasons why partners experience boredom in a relationship: 

1. You have been together for too long

Partners who stay side by side for several years will inevitably feel smothered and suffocated. You don’t need to be married or seriously committed to each other because it all depends on emotional intensity, not your status. However, the longer you stay together, the less mystery you are for each other.

2. You live together

People who share the same apartment or house are more likely to have domestic fights and less likely to resolve them healthily. Because partners get too comfortable with each other, they might act somewhat geriatric, which doesn’t add too much charm to a relationship.

3. You have a boring sex life

It’s no secret that sex life is one of the best-defining components in a relationship. The more novelty you bring to the bedroom, the fewer problems you are prone to having outside of it. Since people who live with each other rarely switch positions or apply roleplay, boredom is a normal reaction to the lack of action.

4. Both of you are boring

It’s difficult to face it, but sometimes the problem is internal. Because people are somewhat selfish, they tend to seek a problem from their partner while they directly contribute to the issue. Do you have hobbies separately from your partner? Do you spend your free time apart? Do you have friends and like-minded people outside the connection? If you experience a stalemate, try to bring novelty into your lives separately.

5. You don’t inspire each other anymore

People who have seized being an inspiration for each other set themselves for failure. Try to ignite that passion by sharing more new information about each other, spending some time separately, or taking on new projects. Let your partner become your best example and your ultimate crush.

6. You don’t travel

Changing your location might bring novelty into a relationship. On the contrary, staying at the same place for several years might be detrimental to your mental health because the comfort zone is not always good for you. Try to move around and soon you will see how romance and passion reignite in the relationship with a new force.

7. Your ex-partner was abusive

It is no secret that abusive and dramatic exes set the bar so high, any normal and healthy partner would feel boring compared to a home tyrant. We don’t assume you are into BDSM, but it is a proven fact that the worse the emotional rollercoaster was, the harder it is for the successor to satisfy that emotional itch.

8. You have found another person

It is no secret that sometimes, meeting someone new means losing interest in your partner. Whether it is a norm in your paradigm, you shouldn’t be ashamed unless those things could be regulated.

9. You don’t communicate on important topics

If your conversations end up with discussions of your working day and mundane routine problems, no wonder the connection is going stale. If you want to bring novelty into the relationship, try seeing new people and getting more experience. Always share your problems and hopes for the future as this tremendously helps the tandem.

10. You don’t like each other like that

Sometimes people justify their boredom too much when in reality, they are not meant for each other. If you want to fight this problem, try to become friends first.