Crumb pasta with roasted vegetables and seeds

Crumb pasta with roasted vegetables and seeds that the girls who are on best slavic dating websites love so much , a simple and family friendly pasta to have on a relaxed weekend. It has  the goodness of vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, red bell peppers and my little twist of roasted seeds. 

We as a family love pasta and are always looking at interesting recipes to try out. During one of my searches, i landed on Donna Hay’s page and there i saw crumb pasta video. The recipe was interesting, very new to me and very simple to make.

I knew i had to make it and gave my own twist to it. I added some roasted veggies and some roasted seeds and voila a very yummy pasta recipe.

What do you need to make the Crumb pasta with roasted vegetables

  • Pasta of your choice: Since this pasta is a little dry and needs to hold shape – Penne, spaghetti, farfelle or elbow would be a good choice for this recipe.
  • Vegetables : I have used zucchini, tomatoes, red bell peppers and mushroom. One could also use mushrooms, eggplant, yellow bell peppers or even jalapenos.
  • Seeds: This is completely optional, one can also use nuts such as almonds or walnuts. The seeds give a nice crunch to this recipe. Every mouthful has an explosion of flavour.
  • The main ingredient which brings together this entire recipe is bread crumbs.  You can buy panko crumbs or any other brand from the market or make one yourself. The breadcrumbs with a lovely basil give this crumb pasta with roasted vegetables an oomph that needs to be tasted right away.

This crumb pasta with roasted vegetables tastes good as a warm dish as well as a cold salad. Oh by the way, another cool thing that i tried later was to add some ketchup and put the pasta on some toast, you wouldn’t believe how yumm that turned out ?

Crumb pasta with roasted vegetables


  1. On a baking tray, scatter all the vegetables and drizzle some oil on top of it.
  2. Add some salt and pepper and mix them all
  3. In a preheated oven @ 200 deg C, roast the vegetables for 15 – 20 minutes or till the vegetables get a nice brown colour on them ( keep a watch, i have charred some veggies in my life)
  4. Meanwhile boil the pasta al dente and set aside
  5. Once the veggies are roasted, remove from the oven and set it to aside
  6. In the same tray, after removing the veggies, scatter the seeds and roasted them for 5-7 minutes.
  7. Heat some butter or oil in a pan and add the bread crumbs. Toss till they get a nice dry texture and gets a nutty smell
  8. Add the oregano, chopped basil, salt and chilli flakes and mix well. Once this is done, remove and set aside in a bowl to cool
  9. To assemble : add pasta to a bowl,then the roasted vegetables, seeds and then sprinkle the bread crumbs on top of pasta
  10. Mix well, adjust salt and pepper according to taste
  11. To finish : add some grated cheese on top