10 Recipes for a Romantic Breakfast for Two

Romance should never leave a relationship. Otherwise, life will become uninteresting, monotonous, and boring. Everyday life shouldn’t destroy relationships. We are not talking about global or very expensive things. After all, cute little things are no less important. One of these things may be breakfast for your loved one.

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A romantic breakfast is not only the guarantee of a satisfying start to the day but also the opportunity to maintain passionate and tender feelings between people in love. The main task is to present a dish beautifully and romantically.

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Secrets of a Good Breakfast 

Of course, there are not all the nuances below that must be taken into account when planning to please your loved one with a new romantic touch in your relationship. However, you need to start with something.

  • It is better to think through the concept of breakfast from the evening.
  • You need to get up at least half an hour earlier to cook breakfast.
  • A sweet postcard, a simple note, a piece of paper with a couple of warm words – don’t neglect the details. They are like parts of the puzzle. They make up the general picture of romance, comfort, warmth.
  • Don’t cook too much. Don’t cook ten types of appetizers, saucers with all kinds of sweets, and jars of jam. Let it be stylish, elegant, and heartfelt dishes. 
  • Concentrate on the basic idea and develop it.

Breakfast Ideas

1. Heart toasts

Cut out a heart in each toast so that it turns out in a bread frame. Fry it on one side, turn it over, and add an egg into the heart. Fry it.

2. Octopuses from sausages

Before cooking, cut sausages from one edge 2-3 times crosswise – these are future tentacles. Dip in boiling water. Put them on a plate and draw faces on “octopuses.” 

3. French breakfast

You only need coffee and croissants for such breakfast. If you don’t have a bakery near your house where you can buy ready-made croissants in the morning, then buy them in advance and “refresh” in the microwave for breakfast. Serve them with coffee, tea, or juice. 

4. Sweet sandwiches

Sweet sandwiches are another very simple idea. Spread your favorite topping on slightly browned pieces of bread: jam, nut or chocolate paste, and lay berries or fruits in the form of a heart on top. 

5. Oatmeal with fruit

So, pour oatmeal with boiling water and leave it to swell for 5-10 minutes under the lid. Add the grated apple and honey, mix. Put in a bowl, add nuts, raisins, and slices of prunes.

6. Fruit salad

Fresh fruits are always tasty and romantic. Choose multi-colored berries and fruits (peel them). If there are large fruits, then cut them. Mix everything and season with yogurt. Serve in a small transparent bowl.

7. Coffee in bed

This is a classic. There is nothing easier. And how this gentle ritual inspires! Wake up with a kiss and serve a cup of hot coffee. You can also “draw” a heart on white foam adding syrup or cinnamon or cocoa powder.

8. Cheese pancakes

Also, cheese pancakes are perfect for a romantic breakfast, and if you manage to fry them in the shape of a heart, it will even impress your loved one.

9. Sandwiches with cheese, sausage or pate

If your loved one leads a healthy lifestyle and is on a diet, then use whole grain bread (bread rolls) or rye bread made without yeast. Put a lettuce leaf and a slice of grilled chicken breast or salmon on top.

10. Drinks 

This is one of the main components of a good breakfast. It can be either traditional tea or coffee, or cocoa, juice (preferably freshly squeezed), or milk drinks. And, probably, hot chocolate is a win-win option for the sweet tooth.