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Homemade Kashayam Recipe (Home remedy for cold and sore throat) #homemade #tulsi #cloves #ajwain #jeera #blackpepper #newat200deg

Homemade Kashayam Recipe

Homemade Kashayam recipe is very simple to make and can be made with ingredients available at home or in ones’s neighborhood. One can’t help but fall in love with Bangalore’s weather. One rain / shower and the temperature goes down, the city becomes so cool and pleasant. With the rains and the beautiful weather also … Continue reading “Homemade Kashayam Recipe”

Simple and easy things to remember while baking

Baking…Baking…a science or is it art or is it just a love to create baked goodies with different texture / colour??? Whichever the case might it be…here are some Simple and easy things to remember while baking. When I started baking some years back, i did not know anything about baking other than the fact … Continue reading “Simple and easy things to remember while baking”

A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe

Today i will be writing about a friend and a new Kuzhi paniyaram batter recipe…this recipe is quite different from what i use at home. Every Southindian household in India has their own version of Kuzhi Paniyaram batter. Some might make it sweet and then some would make it savoury…which ever the case might be…each … Continue reading “A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe”

Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney

This Spicy and Sour green tomatoes chutney is made from using firm and unripe green tomatoes. These sour green tomatoes are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C and anti oxidants. Every day we hear that the vegetables that we consume are either loaded with harmful pesticides or toxic colours. The look of the vegetables … Continue reading “Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney”