Chakki Ki Sabzi | Madhya Pradesh style Wholewheat flour dumplings in sauce

This Chakki Ki Sabzi, made from whole wheat dumplings in a tangy sauce is a meal by itself.  Apart from being a meal, this spicy and tangy sabzi also goes well with rice. This month, us bloggers from  Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge traveled to the land known as the “heart of India” also known as Madhya Pradesh. … Continue reading “Chakki Ki Sabzi | Madhya Pradesh style Wholewheat flour dumplings in sauce”


Moong and cabbage Rice | A Simple one pot rice recipe

Sometimes i just want to throw all things together in a pot and get something nice to eat. This Moong and cabbage rice is exactly that, a one pot recipe filled with deliciousness.    These days whenever we have friends over for dinner or lunch, i make this moong and cabbage rice instead of a … Continue reading “Moong and cabbage Rice | A Simple one pot rice recipe”


Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney

This Spicy and Sour green tomatoes chutney is made from using firm and unripe green tomatoes. These sour green tomatoes are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C and anti oxidants. Every day we hear that the vegetables that we consume are either loaded with harmful pesticides or toxic colours. The look of the vegetables … Continue reading “Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney”


Baingan Ka Bhartha

Another post on Baingan or eggplant..well i am on a roll aren’t I ??? two posts on brinjals in such a short gap…. well this one is very different from the brinjal sabzi i had posted earlier…The brinjal used in this recipe are not the small ones that i have used in bharva baingan…this recipe … Continue reading “Baingan Ka Bhartha”


Aloo Sqaush curry

It was that time of the year…Christmas time…holidays for Mahesh and this year we went on a trip to North – East India (North Bengal and West Sikkim)…cold but really beautiful places…full of mountains, water falls and rivers. Once I go to such beautiful places, the thing that excites me most…well apart from the place, the views… … Continue reading “Aloo Sqaush curry”


Bharva Baingan (Stuffed Eggplants)

In my previous post I had mentioned about fresh veggies that i had got from our friends’ farm… after cooking green tomatoes, i had now lovely juicy, plump and seedless brinjals /eggplants remaining with me. I decided to make stuffed brinjal the way that Anu had made previously….so here goes…Stuffed brinjal with coconuts, peanuts / … Continue reading “Bharva Baingan (Stuffed Eggplants)”


RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi

When i came to know about RCI-Rajasthan, i knew what I wanted to make and post…my all time favourite sabzi… Gatte ka sabzi ..a sabzi made up of besan, tomatoes and onions This is my contribution for RCI-Rajasthan hosted by Padmaja Print Recipe RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi Servings Ingredients 1 Cup Besan1 Tsp Turmeric … Continue reading “RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi”


Vegetable Pad Thai.

I love this particular dish…usually i have used ready to make pad thai packets where we just need to mix the ingredients and vola it is ready…but this time i decided to make it from scratch…and it turned out quite nice.. Print Recipe Vegetable Pad Thai. Servings Ingredients 300 Gms Flat rice noodles2 Tsp Brown … Continue reading “Vegetable Pad Thai.”