Moong and cabbage Rice | A Simple one pot rice recipe

Sometimes i just want to throw all things together in a pot and get something nice to eat. This Moong and cabbage rice is exactly that, a one pot recipe filled with deliciousness.    These days whenever we have friends over for dinner or lunch, i make this moong and cabbage rice instead of a … Continue reading “Moong and cabbage Rice | A Simple one pot rice recipe”


Vazhakka Thoran | Kerala Style Raw Banana Stir Fry

Vazhakka Thoran is an easy and classic dish made with Raw banana and coconut. This version of stir fry can be easily served with rice or rotis. In the last few months, the state of Kerala has been in the news because of floods and devastation across the state. Many people have lost their near … Continue reading “Vazhakka Thoran | Kerala Style Raw Banana Stir Fry”


Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney

This Spicy and Sour green tomatoes chutney is made from using firm and unripe green tomatoes. These sour green tomatoes are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C and anti oxidants. Every day we hear that the vegetables that we consume are either loaded with harmful pesticides or toxic colours. The look of the vegetables … Continue reading “Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney”


Mango Rice.

Come summer, mangoes are available in all sizes and shapes…& before we start eating the ripe mangoes, we get the raw ones…well this is the time of raw mango pickles …yummm isnt it… this mixed rice variety is a one of my favourites. Print Recipe Mango Rice Servings Ingredients 1 Nos Raw mango2 Nos Onion1/2 … Continue reading “Mango Rice.”


Khandvi (Arusuvai Friendship Chain)

The Arusuvai Friendship Chain has been inspired by the Amish Friendship Bread starter chain doing the rounds outside of India. This chain is all about sending along a a surprise gift to your friends for them to prepare something tasty with it, share the recipe and pass on the surprise ingredient to other people.. As … Continue reading “Khandvi (Arusuvai Friendship Chain)”


Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli

Well this flower cum vegetable preperation is a little messy and should be made only when one has some time on hands. Vazhaipoo (Plaintain flower) is nothing but the flower from which we go on to get bananas…This is my entry for JFI-Banana The flower will be in between layers of red skin… The important thing … Continue reading “Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli”


Dantin Soppu (Greens with coconut)

Soppu is kannada for greens..any variety of keerai (in tamil) like palak, arekeerai, fenugreek leaves etc. Dantin soppu is a variety of greens which is available in Karnataka. This particular green/keerai has thick stems and has leaves attached to the stems…This particular item goes well with rotis as well as sambhar rice etc as a … Continue reading “Dantin Soppu (Greens with coconut)”


Vatral Kozhambu

This is a variety of vatral Kozambu that i learnt from my mother…usually the vatral kozambu is a type of sambar without the dhaal and is made with tamarind water.. This particular kozambu is made with 12 masala items and hence is even more tasty Print Recipe Vatral Kozhambu Servings Ingredients PepperRaw rice2-3 Medium OnionDry … Continue reading “Vatral Kozhambu”