Bassaaru and sabakki soppu pallaya | Dill leaves and lentil curry

This traditional and authentic Bassaaru and sabakki soppu pallaya from Karnataka, was taught to me by my help. This recipe calls for multiple steps but the end result is so tasty and highly nutritious. Life with Ragi I got married in 2003 and have been in Bangalore ever since. Before i write about anything else … Continue reading “Bassaaru and sabakki soppu pallaya | Dill leaves and lentil curry”


Home made Kashayam Recipe: A simple remedy to cure cough & cold

Home Made Kashayam recipe to keep those colds and coughs at bay during the monsoon and winter seasons.


Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney

This Spicy and Sour green tomatoes chutney is made from using firm and unripe green tomatoes. These sour green tomatoes are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C and anti oxidants. Every day we hear that the vegetables that we consume are either loaded with harmful pesticides or toxic colours. The look of the vegetables … Continue reading “Spicy and Sour Green Tomatoes Chutney”


Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita

One of my favourite greens is Basale soppu or Malabar spinach. Like many greens it is good source of iron. Over and above that, it is also high in Vitamin A & C and also in iron and calcium. Knowing all of this, aren’t you keen to make this spinach raita recipe at home? Here … Continue reading “Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita”


Green Tomatoes Kootu

Our friends Anu and Jaimon have a small farm, where they grow vegetables like brinjal, pumpkin, beans, green tomatoes and more….. such fresh vegetables…i think i could eat them raw :-)….so when i visited them last week, i plucked green tomatoes and brinjal… (never thought i would pluck vegetables in a city 🙂 ) So here … Continue reading “Green Tomatoes Kootu”


Aloo Palak

I come back from office and I am thinking….what do I make for dinner??? hmmmm…tough one…I have only palak in my fridge, some tomatoes, potatoes and onions (it’s a Friday night, weekly purchased veggies are over!!!!)…so what do I make…well it is aloo palak time… Dinner consisted of rotis, al0o palak sabzi and sliced tomatoes… … Continue reading “Aloo Palak”


RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi

When i came to know about RCI-Rajasthan, i knew what I wanted to make and post…my all time favourite sabzi… Gatte ka sabzi ..a sabzi made up of besan, tomatoes and onions This is my contribution for RCI-Rajasthan hosted by Padmaja Print Recipe RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi Servings Ingredients 1 Cup Besan1 Tsp Turmeric … Continue reading “RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi”


Dum Aloo.

One Saturday D decided to give me and M a surprise and cooked us a delicious lunch… yumm it was..and it was potato – lecious This is my entry to Sia’s “Ode to Potatoes” and DK’s ” Potatoes Feast” Print Recipe Dum Aloo. Servings Ingredients 10 Nos Baby potatoes1.5 Tsp Ginger-garlic paste2 Medium Paste of … Continue reading “Dum Aloo.”