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A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe

Today i will be writing about a friend and a new Kuzhi paniyaram batter recipe…this recipe is quite different from what i use at home. Every Southindian household in India has their own version of Kuzhi Paniyaram batter. Some might make it sweet and then some would make it savoury…which ever the case might be…each one of them would be tasty and crispy and yummy.

“Kuzhi Paniyaram”

A little story on the side

Some people enter your life and …some people you never get to know them and then there are others who enter your life as a neighbour and then become friends forever. Deepa is one such person….a neighbour, energetic person, talkative and loud friend of mine. We talk to each other across balconies !!! When she first shifted to India from USA, the first thing i came to know about her..apart from all that i have already mentioned is that she doesn’t cook. Her mom on the other hand is an amazing cook and it is from these two amazing ladies that i came to know about a new recipe for making Kuzhi Paniyaram. Pssttt…..This family has its roots in TamilNadu, Mangalore and Goa!!!!

Usually the paniyaram in my moms house was something which would get made when my mom is almost done with the dosai batter. Different things such as rava (sooji / semolina), onions, various vegetables  etc would be added to the dosai batter and voila a new snack would be made. But in Deepa’s home..the batter itself was different….so here goes….Kuzhi Paniyaram batter Deepa Style !!! using raw rice instead of par boiled rice..the result is Paniyarams crispy on the outside and uber soft on the inside


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A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
  1. Soak rice and udal dal with enough water for 4-5 hours
  2. Grind the rice and udad dal in a mixie or grinder into a smooth batter
  3. While grinding add a tsp of salt and mix well
  4. Pour the batter in a large vessel and leave it aside closed with a lid for 6-8 hours to ferment.
  5. Once the batter is fermented, check the salt levels and add as required
  6. Wash the paniyaram vessel well with water and dry it with a cloth
  7. Place the vessel on medium flame on the stove and brush oil into each mold.
  8. Once the mold is hot add the batter and cover it with a lid ( one can use the plain batter or could add all the veggies to the batter and use that).
  9. Once one side of the batter is cooked and has a golden colour, turn the white (wet) side facing down and cook without the lid. ( one can use a spoon to turn the paniyaram over to cook on both sides)
  10. Once both sides are cooked and have a golden colour, remove them from the mold and serve them hot with coconut or tomato chutney.
  11. Repeat the process till you run out of batter 🙂
Recipe Notes

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Do try out the recipes and let me know how you liked them...njoy!!!

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