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Whole wheat and oats burger buns

Homemade Healthy Whole wheat and oats burger buns

Really simple, step by step instruction on how to make Homemade healthy whole wheat oats burger buns.These are a wonderful snack for children.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but every now and then, i wish for a recipe which is healthy, made easily and is not time consuming. This dosa was made by adding things already available in my pantry and voila we had a healthy instant ragi and oats dosa recipe

Healthy Instant Ragi and Oats Dosa

This delicious Oats and Finger Millet Dosa is both easy to make and so healthy to eat!

Eggless healthy yogurt low fat cheese cake

Cheesecake…hmmm…when you think about this desert….what do you remember…the rich and soft cheese, the biscuity layer at the bottom and most of all a melt in your mouth desert. Well this is an interesting and healthy take on the traditional cheese cake…sinfully delicious and yet very healthy  

Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita

One of my favourite greens is Basale soppu or Malabar spinach. Like many greens it is good source of iron. Over and above that, it is also high in Vitamin A & C and also in iron and calcium. Knowing all of this, aren’t you keen to make this spinach raita recipe at home? Here … Continue reading “Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita”

A new year resolution and a bread !!!

I have not written for such a long time and so to ensure that i do keep writing and posting here,  i have decided to blog or post a recipe fromthe many sites / blogs that i follow on a regular basis.  So here goes…the first blog for 2014 and it has to be a … Continue reading “A new year resolution and a bread !!!”

A snack & then some sweet

Bread and cake making is in the air…so here is something new, A stuffed veggies calzone and a thandai flavoured cake (this cake was just yummm….flavours of badam, saunf, black pepper, melon seeds and khus Indian and yet a cake) 🙂

Goodies @ A Hundred Hands (1st & 4th Nov, 2012, Bangalore)

A Hundred Hands is a nonprofit trust whose mission is to help those directly involved in the creation of handmade art, crafts and homemade foods, to earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work… This year the Hundred hands event is happening from 31st to 4th Nov at 4, AshleyRoad, Behind Hotel Ajanta,off Brunton Road Bangalore … Continue reading “Goodies @ A Hundred Hands (1st & 4th Nov, 2012, Bangalore)”

World Bread Baking I – Raisin & Walnut Bread loaf

You know what tomorrow is… Oct 16th and that means it is World Bread Baking day… To celebrate this Monika Manchanda ( Sin-A-Mon) has created an event in Facebook for all to….to..well bake lets bake.. Remember the rosemary rolls that i made some time back…well here is a variation to that.