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Foodcamp with Chef Kunal Kapoor at IIHM Bangalore

Plating is not simply throwing the food in the center of the plate and garnishing it with herbs, it is much more than that. Yesterday at IIHM Bangalore in Foodcamp with Chef Kunal Kapoor, the chef demonstrated to students and food lovers the art of plating and the beauty of molecular gastronomy. Having seen the … Continue reading “Foodcamp with Chef Kunal Kapoor at IIHM Bangalore”

Homemade Healthy Whole wheat and oats burger buns

Really simple, step by step instuction on how to make Homemade healthy whole wheat and oats burger buns.These are soft and little dense but wonderful to make burgers for a party or a trip.

Healthy Instant Ragi and Oats Dosa

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but every now and then, i wish for a recipe which is healthy, made easily and is not time consuming. This dosa was made by adding things already available in my pantry and voila we had a healthy instant ragi and oats dosa recipe.

Eggless healthy yogurt low fat cheese cake

Cheesecake…hmmm…when you think about this desert….what do you remember…the rich and soft cheese, the biscuity layer at the bottom and most of all a melt in your mouth desert. Well this is an interesting and healthy take on the traditional cheese cake…sinfully delicious and yet very healthy