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Mor Kuzhambu

After a busy office day, i usually like to prepare a dinner which does not take much time…One of the preperations that falls into this category is Mor Kuzhambu, roughly translated as Buttermilk soup ( i guess)

Malai Kofta

Sunday….what is the first thing that comes to ones mind…for me it is leisure, good food and rich food…This sunday D (my lil sis) decided to make Malai Kofta…a very north indian preparation, rich with cheese, cottage cheese and cream…she put lot of effort and the end product was just awesome…well me, i was in … Continue reading “Malai Kofta”

Semia Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

This preparation is a kheer that i made for Krishna Jayanthi this year. This is a milk based preparation which consists of Vermicelli (Semia) and Sugar. The amount of milk, vermicelli etc could be varied depending upon interest

Sasve Kai Chitranna (Mustard & Coconut Mixed rice)

Being a foodie, i love to learn and make different preperations made across the country. This particular mixed rice is “Sasve Kai Chitranna” and is a coconut rice variety made in Karnataka… Here ‘Sasve’ means ‘mustard seeds/kadugu’, ‘Kai’ means ‘coconut’ and ‘Chitranna means ‘mixed rice’. So this is a recipe with coconut and mustard seeds … Continue reading “Sasve Kai Chitranna (Mustard & Coconut Mixed rice)”

Dantin Soppu (Greens with coconut)

Soppu is kannada for greens..any variety of keerai (in tamil) like palak, arekeerai, fenugreek leaves etc. Dantin soppu is a variety of greens which is available in Karnataka. This particular green/keerai has thick stems and has leaves attached to the stems…This particular item goes well with rotis as well as sambhar rice etc as a … Continue reading “Dantin Soppu (Greens with coconut)”

Vatral Kozhambu

This is a variety of vatral Kozambu that i learnt from my mother…usually the vatral kozambu is a type of sambar without the dhaal and is made with tamarind water.. This particular kozambu is made with 12 masala items and hence is even more tasty

Flat rice aapam & Vegetable Stew

Aapam is a kerala delicacy. Being a working lady, I have slightly modified the way it is prepared so that it suits my time limitation.  Gave a surprise to D and was very happy to see smiling faces at the dining table..

Mango Salad

Here is my version of Mango Salad…