Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – A Savoury cake with Bottle Gourd

For this round of cooking as part of   Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge, i was paired with Avin S Kohli. Avin gave me Dudhi / bottle gourd and ginger as my secret ingredients. The only thing that came to my mind was my favourite savoury recipe from the land of Gujarat: Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – … Continue reading “Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – A Savoury cake with Bottle Gourd”

Eggless healthy yogurt low fat cheese cake

Cheesecake…hmmm…when you think about this desert….what do you remember…the rich and soft cheese, the biscuity layer at the bottom and most of all a melt in your mouth desert. Well this is an interesting and healthy take on the traditional cheese cake…sinfully delicious and yet very healthy   Print Recipe Eggless healthy yogurt low fat … Continue reading “Eggless healthy yogurt low fat cheese cake”

World Bread Baking I – Raisin & Walnut Bread loaf

You know what tomorrow is… Oct 16th and that means it is World Bread Baking day… To celebrate this Monika Manchanda ( Sin-A-Mon) has created an event in Facebook for all to….to..well bake lets bake.. Remember the rosemary rolls that i made some time back…well here is a variation to that. Print Recipe World Bread … Continue reading “World Bread Baking I – Raisin & Walnut Bread loaf”

Rosemary rolls..

The thing that used to make me enter any bakery, is the smell of baked bread…hmmmm…yummm…this is rolls my style with rosemary..I dont have a kitchen aid or mixer…so all by kneading hand 🙂 Print Recipe Rosemary rolls.. Servings Ingredients 250 Gms Maida170-180 Ml water2 Tsp Unsalted butter1 Tsp Salt1 Tbsp Rosemary (i used the … Continue reading “Rosemary rolls..”

Chocolate & cashew burfi

For some years now, Mahesh has been telling me about the chocolate burfi that his mom used to make for Diwali…somehow I never got around to make it…this year I called his mom, got the recipe and made it…well with some changes. The original recipe is a pure chocolate burfi…i added my twist and made … Continue reading “Chocolate & cashew burfi”

WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes

The day that i heard of Mango madness, i knew i had to make the lovely crepes and post it….the king of all fruits was an obvious choice as a stuffing for the crepes Print Recipe WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes Servings Ingredients 1 Nos Mangoes Skin peeled and chopped into small pieces5-6 … Continue reading “WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes”