Homemade Sambar Powder Recipe: South Indian style

Sambar Powder | A Homemade sambar podi is the quintessential ingredient found in every south indian household – each having their own mix forming the homemade sambar podi recipe


A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe

Today i will be writing about a friend and a new Kuzhi paniyaram batter recipe…this recipe is quite different from what i use at home. Every Southindian household in India has their own version of Kuzhi Paniyaram batter. Some might make it sweet and then some would make it savoury…which ever the case might be…each … Continue reading “A friend and a new Kuzhi Paniyaram batter recipe”


Khaman / channa dal dhoklas

How many of us have had khaman or dhoklas from the local marwadi snack shop or a high end snack bar…almost all of us…it is light, yummy and fills the stomach is’nt it?? Well this delightful snack has its origins in Gujarat and it is called “Khaman”…it is also called as “Dhoklas” in many other … Continue reading “Khaman / channa dal dhoklas”


Green Tomatoes Kootu

Our friends Anu and Jaimon have a small farm, where they grow vegetables like brinjal, pumpkin, beans, green tomatoes and more….. such fresh vegetables…i think i could eat them raw :-)….so when i visited them last week, i plucked green tomatoes and brinjal… (never thought i would pluck vegetables in a city 🙂 ) So here … Continue reading “Green Tomatoes Kootu”


Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)

Last week i got really bored of making the usual sambar, rice etc etc…so decided to make a different type of dosa…A dosa made up of ridge gaurd slices..little time consuming but again..pain is gain in taste. Print Recipe Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai) Servings Ingredients 800 Gms Pirkankai150 Gms Coconut200 Gms Raw rice2-3 Tsp Dhania … Continue reading “Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)”


Vatral Kozhambu

This is a variety of vatral Kozambu that i learnt from my mother…usually the vatral kozambu is a type of sambar without the dhaal and is made with tamarind water.. This particular kozambu is made with 12 masala items and hence is even more tasty Print Recipe Vatral Kozhambu Servings Ingredients PepperRaw rice2-3 Medium OnionDry … Continue reading “Vatral Kozhambu”


Flat rice aapam & Vegetable Stew

Aapam is a kerala delicacy. Being a working lady, I have slightly modified the way it is prepared so that it suits my time limitation.  Gave a surprise to D and was very happy to see smiling faces at the dining table.. Print Recipe Flat rice aapam & Vegetable Stew Servings Ingredients 2 cups Mixed … Continue reading “Flat rice aapam & Vegetable Stew”