Homemade Sambar Powder Recipe: South Indian style

Sambar Powder | A Homemade sambar podi is the quintessential ingredient found in every south indian household – each having their own mix forming the homemade sambar podi recipe


Arusuvai Season 2 – Spicy Milagai podi

Arusuvai season 2 is here…when i got a mail from Sayantani some time back..it felt really nice to be back in the blog world and be part of an event and most of all the Arusuvai Friendshipchain. It is always fun and nice to share the cooking passion with other bloggers…yay!!! So as a part … Continue reading “Arusuvai Season 2 – Spicy Milagai podi”


Sasve Kai Chitranna (Mustard & Coconut Mixed rice)

Being a foodie, i love to learn and make different preperations made across the country. This particular mixed rice is “Sasve Kai Chitranna” and is a coconut rice variety made in Karnataka… Here ‘Sasve’ means ‘mustard seeds/kadugu’, ‘Kai’ means ‘coconut’ and ‘Chitranna means ‘mixed rice’. So this is a recipe with coconut and mustard seeds … Continue reading “Sasve Kai Chitranna (Mustard & Coconut Mixed rice)”