Homemade Sambar Powder Recipe: South Indian style

Sambar Powder | A Homemade sambar podi is the quintessential ingredient found in every south indian household – each having their own mix forming the homemade sambar podi recipe


Kuzha Puttu with Kadala Curry

Kuzha puttu and kadala curry is traditionally had for breakfast in Kerala. The kuzha is a vessel in which puttu is made. The traditional kuzha was made up of two vessels, wherein the bottom portion (puttu kodam / puttu pot) has water in it to create the steam and the upper tall vessel had the puttu mixture … Continue reading “Kuzha Puttu with Kadala Curry”


Hare channe ka Kurma

A couple of days back i purchased frozen green chick peas and decided to create a preperation to eat with rotis… traditionally the green / dried dark brown chick peas have been used in south India for ‘chundal’ purposes..so this was something completely my experiment Print Recipe Hare channe ka Kurma Servings Ingredients 250 Gms … Continue reading “Hare channe ka Kurma”


Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)

Last week i got really bored of making the usual sambar, rice etc etc…so decided to make a different type of dosa…A dosa made up of ridge gaurd slices..little time consuming but again..pain is gain in taste. Print Recipe Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai) Servings Ingredients 800 Gms Pirkankai150 Gms Coconut200 Gms Raw rice2-3 Tsp Dhania … Continue reading “Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)”