Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – A Savoury cake with Bottle Gourd

For this round of cooking as part of   Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge, i was paired with Avin S Kohli. Avin gave me Dudhi / bottle gourd and ginger as my secret ingredients. The only thing that came to my mind was my favourite savoury recipe from the land of Gujarat: Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – … Continue reading “Traditional Gujarati Dudhi Handvo – A Savoury cake with Bottle Gourd”


Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita

One of my favourite greens is Basale soppu or Malabar spinach. Like many greens it is good source of iron. Over and above that, it is also high in Vitamin A & C and also in iron and calcium. Knowing all of this, aren’t you keen to make this spinach raita recipe at home? Here … Continue reading “Basale soppu (Vine spinach) Raita”


Kaddu Raita

Some time back M had this raita at a friend’s place and couldn’t stop talking about how simple yet tasty it was.  Yes it was simple and tasty and yes it was so light Print Recipe Kaddu Raita Servings Ingredients 1 grourd Kaddu / large gourd3-4 Cups CurdSalt As per taste1 Tsp Jeera / cumin seeds5-6 Nos … Continue reading “Kaddu Raita”


Aloo Palak

I come back from office and I am thinking….what do I make for dinner??? hmmmm…tough one…I have only palak in my fridge, some tomatoes, potatoes and onions (it’s a Friday night, weekly purchased veggies are over!!!!)…so what do I make…well it is aloo palak time… Dinner consisted of rotis, al0o palak sabzi and sliced tomatoes… … Continue reading “Aloo Palak”


Dahi Wale Paneer – A Delicacy

This is something my sis D made some time back…how she came up with a recipe like idea 🙂 ..but kudos to was awesome and though it was to be eaten as a side dish / sabzi..i gobbled quite a bit like a starter. This is my contribution to Vandana’s : Paneer a … Continue reading “Dahi Wale Paneer – A Delicacy”


RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi

When i came to know about RCI-Rajasthan, i knew what I wanted to make and post…my all time favourite sabzi… Gatte ka sabzi ..a sabzi made up of besan, tomatoes and onions This is my contribution for RCI-Rajasthan hosted by Padmaja Print Recipe RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi Servings Ingredients 1 Cup Besan1 Tsp Turmeric … Continue reading “RCI-Rajasthan : Gatte ki Sabzi”


Weekend snack with a twist

Last saturday around 6.00 PM D (my sis) and M (my hubby) anf me (of course) got hungry and had a craving to eat a snack..something out of the usual and crunchy… so i went to the kitchen and got out whatever was there in my fridge and as my luck would have it on … Continue reading “Weekend snack with a twist”