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Hare channe ka Kurma

A couple of days back i purchased frozen green chick peas and decided to create a preperation to eat with rotis… traditionally the green / dried dark brown chick peas have been used in south India for ‘chundal’ this was something completely my experiment

Creamy pasta with vegetables

Last week made a pasta preperation…made according to D’s guidelines…simple and yet delicious and does not consume much time

Samaithu Par (Cook & See)

This is the first cook book that i ever got. Just before i left for hostel, an uncle of mine couriered it to me so that i can cook myself and stay healthy at the hostel. It has all traditional recipes… I always take the help of the book while cooking regular preperations or for … Continue reading “Samaithu Par (Cook & See)”

Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)

Last week i got really bored of making the usual sambar, rice etc etc…so decided to make a different type of dosa…A dosa made up of ridge gaurd slices..little time consuming but again..pain is gain in taste.

Mixed Vegetable Pulao

One of my favorite preparation during a week day is a simple vegetable pulao…something which does not take much time and yet is very delicious

Aloo Paratha

Another of D’s speciality…round and nicely made aloo paratha..eaten with some dahi (curd) and pickle..ahh what a combination

Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli

Well this flower cum vegetable preperation is a little messy and should be made only when one has some time on hands. Vazhaipoo (Plaintain flower) is nothing but the flower from which we go on to get bananas…This is my entry for JFI-Banana The flower will be in between layers of red skin… The important thing … Continue reading “Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli”

Capsicum Rice (with mint)

I have made capsicum rice and phudina thought of combinig these two and see how it comes out…since i like coconut very much…have also added coconut to get that coconutty, minty flavour in the capsicum rice